Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Logistics of Angry Birds


During my time away I have to confess to having played a little too much Angry Birds....yes Angry Birds is the route of only the best procrastinators; although in my defence I have been playing it whilst sat outside Joel's room waiting for him to finally drop off to sleep.  As always I can see the logistics in almost everything.

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You see I was a little bit cheap in my Angry Birds habit and I only dowloaded the free version of Star Wars.  Yup....cheapo..... now that can easily (ahem reasonably easily) be completed in a couple of nights of listening to Joel sing to himself before dropping off to sleep.  I know I am a big ruffty tuffty male but that is the cutest thing to hear.

Anyway in my cheapness I went back to the beginning of the free levels and changed my aim.  I was looking not only to progress to the next level but to gain 3 stars in doing so.  Yes I was aiming for elite level procrastination!  Now it would be easy to turn this into an ops blog about "quality and continuous improvement" and that would be good but I am in a problem solving mode of thought.  I was once described as "a hatchet man with velvet gloves".....I think it was a compliment.  The idea being that I could take operations with serious operating issues and conduct rapid change management and restructuring without bruising the people involved....or at least that's what I hope was meant.

Enough about people's pet names for me, my point was problem solving.  You may remember a post about ROT.  We invited you to tell your Boss that you're work is ROT and survive. In that blog we suggested that in the majority of logistics conundrum you are playing with only three variables Resource, Objective and Time..... Go back and revise if you don't recall...teacher says so. ;-)  I am still on course for a link to the logistics of Angry Birds.

It took me a lot more time to get 3 stars at all the levels I had previously cleared easily.  What I found was that my initial angle of attack to clear the level was wrong for the objective of getting 3 stars.  As any archer will tell you, you rarely aim for the bulls eye to get top score in competition.  You take into account wind, distance and .....erm ...err other stuff.  In a similar you may have to consider your angle of attack to solve any given problem, you can't just trot out the ROT principle and expect it to fall into place.  You may have to consider whether your Little Han Solo bird with laser should be aiming at the storm trooper pig directly or aiming at the seemingly innocuous large round stone to get the job done.

Anyway when all is said and done this blog has given you a great excuse to play Angry Bords in the office and if the boss catches you leap up exclaiming ROT before explaining how you were considering other angles of attack on your particular logistics conundrum.

Happy Logisticking for 2013!

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