Friday, 9 November 2012

It's tough being married to a loggie...well perhaps only this one

"This does not meet my criteria"
As you will know plenty of this blog is dedicated to my amazing children and whilst I love Millie, Joel and Keshet very much I have to say that I need to pay credit to my amazing wife.  Not only does she put up with the fact that TLP gives away resources and helps the little agencies but she puts up with the little logistician idiosyncrasies.  By now you are wondering about the grocery bag to the right here.  Am I going to tackle the logistics of running a multi-site JITL (just in time logistics) system?

Well... no... this is actually a bit of a Friday confessional.  When we go to the grocery store it can turn into a bit of a logisticians day trip for me.  Neatly stacked shelves, good nomenclature policies, plenty of batch control all things we have covered before in Surely More Interesting....

One of the little idiosyncrasies that Laura has taken a little longer to get to grips with is my passion to avoid double handling.  I blame my training Flight Sergeant at RAF Cranwell, affectionately known as Uncle Lou,who drummed into me the great evils of double handling.  For those of you not up to speed with double handling it is the practice of having to do a job twice, such as locate stock on a shelf on arrival only for it to have to be sorted and relocated again later.  Grrrrrrrr.....

I get like this around check out tills.  I honestly can't let items get stacked in bags in a free for all..... in fact they can't go on the conveyor belt in any old order.  Chilled produce, fresh produce, canned and packet foods, cleaning and hygiene goods; each and everyone has to have it's on place.  So at the other end they get placed into bags of like items.  So that when we get home they get placed next to the cupboard, refrigerator, freezer or shelf appropriate to there group.  SINGLE HANDLING heaven.

Where does this fit into your logistics day?  If you find that you are running a labour intensive operation, whether it be warehousing, relief goods distribution or pharmacy management; the chances are that there is an element of double handling going on.  Now you can try to pass this off as a great job creation scheme and bless you for the effort to self justify but with every move you increase the risk of error.  Now don't feel admonished you didn't have Uncle Lou hounding you about double handling.  But if you are looking to reduce loss, manpower overheads or just trim the system you might want to analyse whether you double handle.

Have a great weekend one and all.

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