Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Logistics of Drawing Dogs.....

Do you know what a dog looks like? Sure you do, in any street anywhere in the world you could identify a dog.  You can probably give me differentiating characteristics between a dog and other furry quadrupeds.  The well informed of you may be able to tell your Miniature Schnauzer from you Labrador.  Now if I asked you to draw a dog how would you do?
This dog looks a little sad.
Al, has finally cracked..... One too many days in the Somali sun you may be thinking but bare with me. This week Joel has had his sketch pad out and asking Laura and I to draw things. One of these things was a dog.  Laura and I both know what a dog looks like but all we managed was a quizzical sheep and a friendly bear. We both have the fine motor skills to have mastered writing so that is not the problem. There just seems to be a disconnect between what we know and what we produce.
We believe this to be an alsatian hippo cross
This got me to thinking about logistics.....  as a lot of things do...... I pondered how often it is that an organisation has a great logistics vision which never seems to get off the ground.  Organisations find themselves staring at a "quizzical sheep" of a system. So what would turn Laura and I into award winning dog artists and how does that play out for the logistics scenario.
Lessons would be a good start from someone with a good knowledge of dog art, someone who had spent a lot of time perfecting their "quizzical sheep" into a faithful depiction of a canine. Then it will take a degree of practice and correction with the experienced eye of our dog artist not to tell us what we got wrong but how our technique lead to the sheeplike features of our dog.  Logistics is no different really. We at The Logistics Project look to leverage our years of badly drawn logistics systems on helping you to draw yours. We are committed to helping you identify why the wooliness occurs in your system and refining your techniques to ensure your logistics "dog art" improves.

A real dog.

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