Friday, 6 April 2012

Working with Justice Rising
As I always say, one of the best things about working for The Logistics Project is that we get to work with organisations of vision and passion. This week we get to work with another such organisation Justice Rising.  Our good friend Cassandra gave us a Skype call to ask our advice.  Cassandra is a veteran of working in DRC, Rwanda, Mozambique and Uganda and is now looking to move into Somalia...... what kind of advice does someone with that pedigree need I thought.

Justice Rising I guess some might say works in social justice and that would be true but what comes across from Cassandra is that she is all about the people.  Whether helping people out of the sex trade or working with rehabilitating child soldiers these are all individuals.  The next project in Somalia has been throwing up some logistical barriers which is where The Logistics Project come in as myth busters.

Justice Rising experienced one of the great myths of international logistics "It is almost impossible too......".  You can add your own objective above the dots here.   Over a 15 year how did that happen..... I have been told that almost everything is impossible and maybe because I was a bit argumentative in my youth I would set out to do it and not leave it until it was done.  Over the years I have found a healthy name for this management

I think what people mean when they say it is almost impossible is....."I know it is possible technically but I just don't have the skills or knowledge to make it happen" - like I would say it is almost impossible to juggle 5 balls.  It doesn't mean it can't be done, it means I haven't learned the lessons and taken the time to practice and consequently haven't dropped a lot of balls, clubs, chainsaws or whatever.... (enjoy the comedy stylings of mike davis above).

That is why The Logistics Project exist to give you our collective logistical juggling experience - dropped balls and all.  For Justice Rising this was about knowing the right questions to ask of people and leveraging our contacts to make it happen.  We love to help you get to a point where you can pursue that vision and passion without the hassle of all that logistics speak.

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  1. Thanks to all who have pointed out that Justice Rising's site is in Latin, I have let them know.