Friday, 23 March 2012

The Logistics Project Goes All Philosophical

Well it has been all a little quiet from me over the last week or so.  We have moved the office and I now write to you from The G.I.M.P's kit locker.  It is my haven of peace and quiet and has a sofa and you can't beat that.  So why so philosophical I hear you ask well maybe I have been head down in process mapping and local work instruction writing as author an ops manual I need to come up for air.

In fact heads down and heads up is what this post is all about.  The whole idea for this post came from my walk back from the gym this morning....I was walking pretty tall after a killler session and noted the tudor facades above the natural eyeliner of shop signage.  I took a moment to think how much more you see when you are heads up.

Take a look at this picture I would post it but it belongs to JPHRO and I think they deserve the credits on it.  This is their HQ tent on September 24th 2010, I remember that date well because I was in it when it came down.....ouch.  By the grace of God steel fell around me but not on me.  At the same time their tented hospital was completely demolished and vital drugs blown all over an IDP camp of 155000.  Throughout the whole thing they didn't lose a patient, they kept receiving casualties and managed to bring 3 babies into the world.  Pretty impressive huh?  People mock JPHRO because it is run by Sean Penn but most of the mockers don't have first hand experience of their work.

My point isn't about them though it is about how you ride out catastrophe; that is as true in logistics as it is when you get hit by winds that rip your big ole tent right off it's moorings.  It is about being a HEADS UP kind of a person.  It is all too easy when problems start to press in on you to get focused on the problem, in fact so focused that all you can see is the problem.  You are head down in the problem and nothing happens.  Heads up allows you to see the solution around you, the people, the resources and the opportunities.  If you live in a world of people resource and opportunities problems rarely stick around.

I know this is short and doesn't involve my kids or the hilarious happening of the Al of the Logistics project household but I promise to try to light you up with a post called "They don't understand you just shout louder" sometime next week ....local work instructions permitting.

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