Thursday, 19 January 2012

Working with Partners In Health (HAITI)

Partners In Health
One of the great things about working with The Logistics Project is the variety of amazing organisations that you get to work with.  We love people and institutions of vision and passion and look to be a support in making it happen.  This week I am excited to say I am going to be working with Partners In Health, Haiti – known locally as Zanmi Lasante (Haitian Kreyol for Partners In Health).  ZL and PIH are old friends from 2010 when I worked alongside them as Cholera swept across vast swathes of the Haitian country side and threatened the IDP population in the post-earthquake IDP camps.  PIH have long been established in Haiti and have grown from a small community clinic in Cange to a huge pool of indigenous Haitian talent working alongside the Ministry of Health, partnering in health (and other things education, agriculture and more) in over 14 sites across Haiti.

This growth has taken place over the last 25 years and represents a huge logistical commitment.  As with many organisations the logistical systems have been evolutionary and are due for review as PIH seeks to further develop patient access to vital drugs and services. The Logistics Project is providing short term expert help to the design team of a new central warehouse; capable not only of handling the day to day materiel of Zanmi Lasante but also the surge capacity that natural disasters bring. We are offering support to PIH and Zanmi Lasante’s amazing logistics team in building a logistics system to support fair and equitable access to healthcare for all in Haiti, and that is a worthwhile job.

For me personally it is great to get back and meet up with Jon, Marcel and Chris; a talented and committed team.  Whilst I am a “strange” Brit who carries a flask of tea with him in Caribbean heat we had a great working relationship that I hope we slip back into.  It is a great feeling working with people who are really good at what they do and yet aren’t conceited about it and push to improve all areas of expertise.  PIH are just that, forward thinking about all the areas of their work they are keen to develop capacity across the board.  An exciting project within my time with PIH will be to build new levels of logistics competency in their support staff.  One of the principal passions of The Logistics Project is to do ourselves out of business, to identify, educate, train and envision logistics staffs to carry on the proud tradition of what The Royal Air Force called “blanket stacking” (a general term for the supply trade).  Educate, Empower, Equip, Encourage as my old mate Donny Paterson used to say…I think I might be missing an E there, I am sure there were 5.....

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