Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Limousines, Prom Night and The Logistics Project

I ought to point out at this juncture that my only experience of prom night is teen flicks from my youth.  So this blog pretty much has Michael J Fox as Teenwolf as it's cultural reference point....apologies to all North Americans who are not hair covered lupine invaders of the night but Hollywood has given me a picture of the prom that is all spnagles and big cars.  Here in the UK we have the slightly less grandly named "School leavers disco" which is a painful affair of boys wistfully looking at girls and girls rolling their eyes at our pain.  The prom limo however is the perfect vehicle  (I know it is a terrible pun) for explaining why you might want to engage a consultant.

Your son/daughter looks amazing and you are feeling slightly watery around the eye area as your realise that the little of bundle of love giggle and flatulence you held not so long ago is growing into a fine young adult.  The days of little Jonny are over!  It is prom night and here everything changes.  They glide across the room dressed for the night of their lives, open the fron t door and there it is the white limo they have all clubbed together for (with your hard earned cash) to make the evening complete.  You don’t begrudge them a moment of it, you prize them value them and realize that it is important to give them the best start to the night.

It is a fact; clambering out of the back of a pick-up with the faint smell of fertiliser and a few grease spots on your tuxedo or ball gown is not what you signed up for, nor is getting out of the family saloon car covered in dog hair smelling of good old Fido; even trying to extricate yourself from the back seat of your neat new compact Nissan or VW Beetle on prom night is not a glamorous affair if you are swathed in taffeta or wearing the miniest of mini dresses.   So people hire limousines, smooth sleek beauties that deliver us un-crumpled, un-soiled and smelling of Rihanna Reb'l Fleur (yeah I am down with the cool kids!!).
We do not however buy limousine to take our cherished and flawless young adults to the prom, becuase the aftermath is a car that is way overspecified for your daily needs.  You cannot take a quick trip to the local grocery store to pick up a carton of milk and expect to park quickly.  It looks strange to people that you run around dressed in threadbare clothes because you are paying off a Lincoln Town Car Limo, which you have neatly parked across the front of you and your neighbours’ properties.  People start to make greater demands on you to transport all their children to soccer, because…….well you have a limo…… they’ll all fit …..right?  Your kids no longer want to get out of the car to go to anything becuase the limo is the main attraction.   You have to get used to the flash photography and intense interest that having a limo makes.....Rihanna starts calling up to see if you are free on Friday..... Am I overstaing my point?
So we hire a limo.  I think we hire them because they add something to the event. They aren’t the event themselves but they transport us there in comfort and style and make getting to the event a painless and enjoyable exercise.  The Logistics Project is a limousine; we pick you up from where you are and seamlessly deliver you to where you want to be; doing away with the faint whiff of grievances brought about by change or the grease spots of bad habits brought through the system.  If people start bringing up their “spiked punch” of bad feeling then we get to carry it away and not leave it in your family saloon.  We are a specialist vehicle that you wouldn’t want to park in the logistics manager “drive” of your institution’s “suburban house”, but when ferrying your project from A to B we can help to make the transition not just painless but actually an integral part of the event itself.  We bring specialist skills and know how garnered of many years and countless a small issue has arisen moments to your situation whether it be starting up, expanding, contracting, rebuilding or simply wanting to do better with your supporters money.

In the office this brought us to thinking about what kind of limo we would be.......

Ok maybe we are a little vain........



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