Saturday, 17 December 2011

Blogging about logistics....

Social media....... I am told it is very important, if you don't tweet you are a twit.  If you are not on Facebook you are faceless.  Blogging about logistics though seems a little dull.  I mean there is only so much you can say about the humble cargo manifest.  My logs career however has been adrenaline fuelled, adventure driven and quite frankly what some might

Logistics has seen me refuelling chinooks with the rotors turning (too much fun to be legal), mountain biking through Kashmir through Kashmir to map the main supply routes,

                                          Yup I really was considering running across and active landslide.....doh!!!

 working at world sporting events loading and unloading athletes and working with teams of JCBs to clear rubble in downtown Port au Prince Haiti.  I have met royalty, celebrity, infamy, extraordinary and a fair amount of borderline insanity.  So I am not a stay at home logistician, I am an out there doing it in the dust logistician, and judging by the picture a sweaty one.  So put down your prejudices about us "loggies" and read on.

Sweaty in Pulau Nias.

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  1. when we go to amarnath the logistics service is carried by people only.there for there is need to develop logistics services via air medium.